A Frog On A Log

I would like to eventually fill my garden beds with frogs & toads between the flowers & tress.
I started with a few frogs / toads & a bell last year.
This year – I added two to the croaking bunch.


Here’s one of them…

Frog on a Log

18th Wedding Anniversary

Boy – how time flies!


RoSy’s Masterpiece

Another busy day.
But – I did mention yesterday that I’d post my masterpiece.
So- here it be…
…My tree!

Hope you all had a wonderful day. :)

14Aug14 Picasso Tree

Heart of Art

I’ve been pretty busy these last two days.
I have a pretty full weekend too.
Hope you all are enjoying life & livin’ it up!

Yesterday – a friend & I tried something new.
We went to a studio & tried our hand at painting.
When I sat down – I noticed that I was welcomed by the heart of art!

Will post a pic of my masterpiece – tomorrow. ;)

Heart of Art

Photo taken with my iPhone camera

Rain Or Shine

Yellow Flower - Crown


RIP Ajay

My heart just sank as I read Serena’s post.

A beloved WP peep has passed away.
My heart is saddened by this.
And – I’m simply in a moment of tears right now.
Ajay has bestowed many blog awards on my humble WP home.
But – the greatest awards were his visits & comments.
Yes – simply put – his presence.
I will truly miss Ajay

RIP Ajay

Photo is a self portrait from Ajay’s blog


Ajay’s last post
Posted on August 8th: A Sunny Morning 

Please hold his family in prayer as they say farewell to someone special in their lives.

Nanu, Nanu Mork

RIP Robin Williams - Nanu Nanu Mork
Mork & Mindy House
1619 Pine St
Boulder, CO 80302

Because I’m Cool Like That!

09Aug14 Cool Cat - Trash Can

The Batcycle

Saw this parked on a side-street down-town yesterday.
Batman was nowhere in sight though.

09Aug14 Batcycle

A Sevenling for RoSy

A beautiful gem on the WP just created a sevenling for me.
Oh – that just makes me all sort of happy!

Thank you so much Jules for thinking of me: A sevenling for RoSy.

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