May Seyi’s Dad Rest in Peace

May Seyi’s dad rest in peace.

Through the Gates of Heaven

Happy Easter 2014

Wishing you & your loved ones a blessed & happy Easter.

PeAce, LoVe, HuGs, BlesSings, & SmiLes-
RoSy  :)
Easter 2014

I took this picture yesterday at a local museum’s
International PEEPS® Art Exhibition.

Happy Easter from Fenway


Back in January – Jueseppi reblogged a capirotada recipe that Randy shared on his blog.

Yesterday for the first time ever -
I attempted to make this delicious dessert.
It turned out DEEEEEEEEElish!

In the recipe that I made – I used:
*4 (of the 3 or 4) piloncillos
*apples instead of bananas (I like me a bit o’ crunch)
*cranberries instead of raisins (I prefer the flavor of cranberries)
*walnuts for my choice of nuts

My tastebuds & I HIGHLY recommend this dessert & this recipe.
Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.


Good Friday 2014

Good Friday 2014

I took this photo yesterday
when I went to visit my brother at the cemetery

Weather & Family

Well – it’s been an interesting weather week.
As you saw from my post on Monday – we got snow.

By mid next day – the snow had mostly melted.
Here’s a pic I took as the sun began to set.
April Sunset
Don’t be deceived by the sun’s smile.
It was still cold out there.

Yesterday was still a bit chilly.
But – the sun was shining upon me.
I had a warm visit with my parents.
I made it a point to go to their house for my lunch hour
because it was my Apa’s birthday.
On my way there I stopped & picked up some KFC.
RoSy & Apa'
Here’s a selfie that I took of the two of us.
Ain’t he adorable?

Today is a nice day – sunny & in the 50sF/10sC
For my lunch hour today -
I went to the cemetery to visit my brother – Roy.
It was a calming visit.
Not the same as physically seeing someone.
But – my spirit is always content when I leave.
Roy's Pinwheel & Easter Egg

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Please comment below
if you can identify what is wrong with this picture.

April - Spring Snow - Evergreen



On the Tracks

I was up early out & about.
When I got home – I thought I’d take a short nap.
Several hours later I wake up to see that I basically slept the day away.
Oh well – I guess my body needed the rest.

Here’s a shot I took this morning while at some nearby train tracks.
It’s a little off center. But – I still like it.
Hope you like it too.

12Apr14 Trains on Tracks

Spring & National Pet Day

Hi Peeps- :)

Not that long ago it seemed like winter would never end.
A couple of weeks ago – Wendell shared This Lovely Spring Day.
Well – I haven’t seen anything blooming around here yet.
But – it has been getting refreshingly warmer & I can hear birds chirping outside my house.
Those little chirpies are music to my ears.
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ° ø

Oh – and – in-case you didn’t already know…
…today happens to be National Pet Day.
Fenway wants to know – Have you hugged your pet today?

Feel free to share a link to one of your 2014 spring sightings or of your pet(s) – in the comments section below.

PeAce, LoVe, SpRing & HapPy PeTs-
RoSy :D

Hello Peeps

Mick is always creating & sharing wonderful art via her blog.

Today I received a message from her that made me smile.
Rosy when I made this I could not think of a title and Hello Peeps seemed appropriate which of course makes me always think of you!   :)
I know – so many smiles lately on my face – I think that it’s going to freeze like that.

RoSy is sad :( – but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is mad  :-x - but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is scared   :/but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is confused   O_o - but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is shocked  8-O- but she looks like she’s smiling :)

Come check out her creation —> Hello Peeps
I’m sure it will make you smile too.

Mick’s Blog

Gracias RaLph

Once upon a March 31st – Ralph posted a request for Valentine Cards.
How could one not want to fulfill this adorable man’s request?
So – as soon as I could – I got to work on a card.
Before getting started – I asked him for his favorite color.
And this was his response:

My favourite colour is aquamarine with a dash of ocean blue, toned with Alpine snow, contrasted with a hint of a desert camel by a oasis of date palm beige.
So- with his response – I went into my archives & customized a photo just for him.
You can see the Valentine that I created & the cards that others sent his way by clicking here & here.

Well – I knew that Ralph would appreciate what we did for him & post a thank you - because that’s how he rolls.
But – what he did went above & beyond.
He went out of his way to not only say thank you – but – to send a thank you.
And – the thank you that he sent came via a Sobre Verde.
You can catch the reality show type video of what I’m talking about here.

I received my Sobre Verde last week.
In it was a thank you card, a Ralph card, a keychain with Ralph’s photo on it & a scarf.
Gracias RaLph – for the thoughtful thank you gift.
Most of all – thank you for sharing your kind spirit & fun-loving sense of humor with us via your blog.

Ralph’s Blog

RoSy & RaLph
A pic of RaLph & me showing off my fab scarf
(Photo taken by my Alexandria)

Sobre Verde – Ecological envelopes

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