Dancing Ballerinas

Each week Alastair posts a photo of the week on his blog -
A Mixed Bag.
The photo below is a photo from week 29 that nearly made it.
I asked Alastair if I could use his photo for a post & he kindly said YES!
So below is a duet by Alastair & me – his photo – my words.

Dancing Ballerinas

Photo Copyright Alastair Forbes


Kim – Walking for a Cure for Lupus

On October 18th – fellow WP peep & friend who I hope to one day meet – will be walking for a cure for lupus.
She will be walking for herself & for others that suffer from the effects of this disease.
If you can – please donate to the cause.
Every little bit helps…
via Walking for a Cure for Lupus.


Good luck to your & your team in reaching your goal Kim!


Tree Therapy

Recently – Kim shared a story on her blog – Silently Heard Once.
I immediately thought of a photo that I took back in April.
Today’s post is inspired by Kim’s short story - Always Hope.

Tree - Worries


BuzZumba - Bees - Flowers

Ren Men

2014 Ren Men 1
2014 Ren Men 2
2014 Ren Men 3

Faire Ladies

2014 Faire Ladies 1
2014 Faire Ladies 2

Tweety Birds

On Frank’s post yesterday – On a Sweety Tweety or Tweety Sweety, there was a tutorial on how to draw Tweety Bird.
Before starting the video – I thought I’d attempt to draw the bird.
I asked Victoria if she wanted to try it out too & she said yes.
Together we stated the tutorial & began our works of art.
Alexandria & Chris (hubby) gave it a try too.

Here’s a photo of our Tweety drawings.
Christopher wasn’t home to participate in our activity.
But – I included a drawing of his that he did back when he was in kindergarten.
(He’ll be a senior in HS this coming fall.)


Renaissance Faire – Nuts, Goods & Flowers

Ren Faire - Royal Nuts

Ren Faire - Goods

Ren Faire - Flowers

Hope – Dream – Enjoy Life!

Ren Faire - Hope - Dream - Enjoy Life

Festive July Weekend

Hi Peeps! :)

Hope you all had a fab weekend.

My boss-lady IM’d me & told me that I could log off at 2pm for the holiday weekend.
YAY for awesome boss-people!

Our next-door neighbor started mowing the lawn at 8:30am.
So much for me sleeping in (longer).
Just after lunch – the girls & I headed out to a local historic area.
I wanted to take them to visit a mansion that was supposed to be open for free tours for the 4th of July holiday.
We got there & it was closed.
Oh well…
The trip was not wasted though.
I took advantage of the beautiful scenery a got Alexandria & Victoria to pose for a few photos.
After that I treated them to some (FREE) custard.
(I had 3 coupons for free custard from previous purchases that I had made for value meals at a fast-food place.)
We ordered our desserts & enjoyed them at the outdoor patio while playing a game of Left Center Right.
And – I WON!
YAY me. :)
We then went home, chilled for a bit & had a dinner.
Just as it started to get dark out – we headed to the lakefront to catch the fireworks.
Parking was insane.
But – we found a spot & made our way to the show.
After the show – we passed through a carnival as we headed back to our vehicle.
We stopped by for a bit & the girls got on a few rides.
After our money got sucked up within a matter of minutes – we kept walking till we got to our car.
By that time – traffic had cleared up & we had no problem making our way out & back home.

July 4th 2014 - Fireworks

We met up with our friends & their fam at the renaissance faire.
It was opening weekend & kids 12 & under got in FREE!
We were there from the royal parade marching in to the royal parade marching out.

2014 Ren Faire

More photos coming soon

The girls, a friend of mine & me went to a local airport & went on our first helicopter ride ever.
I had just found out about it from reading about holiday weekend happenings in the newspaper.
Considering all it takes to get something like that up & running – I figured that $35 per person a reasonable price.
Only 3 passengers fit in at once.
So – I went on the flight with the girls.
And – my friend went on the flight with two strangers.
When asked who wanted to sit in the front – Alexandria called shotgun.
So- Victoria & I took the back seats.

2014 Chopper Selfie

 Chopper selfie :) :) :)

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