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April - Spring Snow - Evergreen



On the Tracks

I was up early out & about.
When I got home – I thought I’d take a short nap.
Several hours later I wake up to see that I basically slept the day away.
Oh well – I guess my body needed the rest.

Here’s a shot I took this morning while at some nearby train tracks.
It’s a little off center. But – I still like it.
Hope you like it too.

12Apr14 Trains on Tracks

Spring & National Pet Day

Hi Peeps- :)

Not that long ago it seemed like winter would never end.
A couple of weeks ago – Wendell shared This Lovely Spring Day.
Well – I haven’t seen anything blooming around here yet.
But – it has been getting refreshingly warmer & I can hear birds chirping outside my house.
Those little chirpies are music to my ears.
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ° ø

Oh – and – in-case you didn’t already know…
…today happens to be National Pet Day.
Fenway wants to know – Have you hugged your pet today?

Feel free to share a link to one of your 2014 spring sightings or of your pet(s) – in the comments section below.

PeAce, LoVe, SpRing & HapPy PeTs-
RoSy :D

Hello Peeps

Mick is always creating & sharing wonderful art via her blog.

Today I received a message from her that made me smile.
Rosy when I made this I could not think of a title and Hello Peeps seemed appropriate which of course makes me always think of you!   :)
I know – so many smiles lately on my face – I think that it’s going to freeze like that.

RoSy is sad :( – but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is mad  :-x - but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is scared   :/but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is confused   O_o - but she looks like she’s smiling :)
RoSy is shocked  8-O- but she looks like she’s smiling :)

Come check out her creation —> Hello Peeps
I’m sure it will make you smile too.

Mick’s Blog

Gracias RaLph

Once upon a March 31st – Ralph posted a request for Valentine Cards.
How could one not want to fulfill this adorable man’s request?
So – as soon as I could – I got to work on a card.
Before getting started – I asked him for his favorite color.
And this was his response:

My favourite colour is aquamarine with a dash of ocean blue, toned with Alpine snow, contrasted with a hint of a desert camel by a oasis of date palm beige.
So- with his response – I went into my archives & customized a photo just for him.
You can see the Valentine that I created & the cards that others sent his way by clicking here & here.

Well – I knew that Ralph would appreciate what we did for him & post a thank you - because that’s how he rolls.
But – what he did went above & beyond.
He went out of his way to not only say thank you – but – to send a thank you.
And – the thank you that he sent came via a Sobre Verde.
You can catch the reality show type video of what I’m talking about here.

I received my Sobre Verde last week.
In it was a thank you card, a Ralph card, a keychain with Ralph’s photo on it & a scarf.
Gracias RaLph – for the thoughtful thank you gift.
Most of all – thank you for sharing your kind spirit & fun-loving sense of humor with us via your blog.

Ralph’s Blog

RoSy & RaLph
A pic of RaLph & me showing off my fab scarf
(Photo taken by my Alexandria)

Sobre Verde – Ecological envelopes

Family & Stuff

Hi Peeps :)

Pardon my absence on the WP lately.
I’ve been super busy with the fam & with work.

Last weekend
*Dr. Seuss event at the elementary school
*School district’s art displays at a local public museum

*The Muppets – Most Wanted
*Open skate

*An afternoon at the park

During the week:
*Lacrosse practice x3 for the girls
*Chaperone 5th grade field trip – Weather Day at Miller Park

This past weekend

*Juan Gabriel concert

*Meet up with friends & their kids at a local museum
to enjoy a traveling exhibit of Mexican-American art

*4 back to back pre-season games of lacrosse for the girls
(Lost 2 games / won 2 games)

And – this is only a summary of highlights.
Of course – there was work & the usual chores in-between all of this.
But – why bore you with all o’ that?

Hope you are all well & have been enjoying life!
RoSy xoxo

2014 Dragon - Art
Alexandria’s art work that was selected to be displayed at the exhibit for one of the school district’s art displays

He Loves Me – He Loves Me Not

Why the lies?
Why the deceit?
Why force me into a momentary crazed rage?
A hurtful truth would have been easier to handle
than this mess on my bed.
Now his lies have become my lies.
One by one – I place boulders above their bodies
at the spot where he once proposed to me.
He loves me.
He loves me not.

Sunday Photo Fiction 30Mar14

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Drop Dead Gorgeous

It was supposed to be a quick in & out -
Just a few adjustments here & there.
It’s not like I’ve never had any tune-ups before.
They say that there’s always a risk with any surgery -
No matter how big or small.
But – I figure – when you pay top dollar -
you’re basically paying for a guarantee.
Well – apparently not.
The doc had a heart attack mid cut
& went straight for the jugular.
At least that saggy wrinkle is gone.

Storybook Corner March2014

Photo Copyright Adam Ickes


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Do You See What I See?

Clouds - Sky - Smiles

Oh no! – Spring Snow

Woke up to the wind howling
Looked out the window & what do I see?
No surprise really.
But – c’mon!
Later – the sun decided to show up.
But – I knew better than to be fooled by that.
I went out with the dog for a few seconds.
And – by a few seconds -
I mean – he did his thing & we came right back in.
Brrr… It’s cold out there.

Current temp 23°F / -5°C with winds at 20-30mph / 32.2-48.3kph

Someone – anybody – PLEASE send me some real spring!

25Mar14 Spring Snow

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