Día de los Muertos – Sra., Sr. & Mariachi

Hola Peeps-

Another month come & gone…
I’ve been in search of more time for quite a while now with little to no success.
Today I received an email from work saying that all employees will be given 2 extra paid days off this year.
We will now have the day before Thanksgiving off & the day before Christmas off.
That means that we will have two 5 day holiday weekends!
How great is that?

As I catch I break right now -
I thought that I’d stop by the WP
& drop a post to let you know that I still exist.

Here are three pictures from Halloween.
Every year the girls & I pick a theme.
This year our theme was El Día De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).
And with that theme – we went full on traditional with our costumes.

Día De Los Muertos 2014 - 1Me :)
(Picture taken by Alexandria with my iPhone)

Día De Los Muertos 2014 - 2Alexandria does not like to wear skirts or dresses.
So – this is what we came up with for her.

Día De Los Muertos 2014 - 3Victoria rockin’ the dead mariachi look!

If you dressed up for Halloween – what did you dress up as?
Feel free to post a link or a photo of you in your Halloween costume in the comments section below.

My First Day in Heaven

Hi Peeps-
I’m still trying to find more hours in the day.
Apparently – I’m not doing too well with that.
So – if you happen to have any spare time -
please send some my way. ;)

Here’s a poem I wrote earlier this year as I was thinking of my brother.
I’d like to think – that if there is life after death -
that all is better & more peaceful for our loved ones in Heaven.
I sure do miss the guy.

Hope you are all well-
xoxo RoSy

Twelve years ago today my brother – Roy – was called to Heaven
May 1977 – October 2002

My First Day in Heaven



Day of the Dead Art

Hi Peeps-

So much for trying post once a week.
Life sure has been busy lately.
Some ups – some downs.
But – more ups than downs.
So – it’s all good.

Last night – I was supposed to go to a concert with my mom.
A week ago – my dad won tickets at a local store from a radio station.
He gave the tickets to my mom.
And – she asked me to take her.
About 30 min prior to leaving the house -
I went to search for directions to the concert location to set on the GPS.
I saw on the theatre site that the date of the concert had changed.
With that said – plans changed.

So – I went to a craft store -
bought some mini easels & acrylic paint.
I brought in a couple of canvases that have been sitting in the trunk for over a month.
And – set up a working space on the kitchen table.

Below is the result of my stay-in night at home
with Alexandria & Victoria.

Día de Los Muertos Art


Día de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead

Remember Me?

Hi Peeps!

Remember me?

I know that I haven’t been on the WP much lately -
maybe about two weeks already – EEK!
This thing about
life happens -
seems to be taking up a lot of my free time lately.
I hope to be back on some sort of regular WP schedule soon.
Meanwhile – I will try to at least make an appearance
with a post once a week so that I won’t be forgotten.

Speaking of FREE!
Today was National Coffee Day here in the US.
Although – I prefer tea over coffee.
Who can resist a free cuppa’ joe?
Not me – especially when it’s ICED COFFEE!

After work – on my way to pick the girls up from school -
I dropped a co-worker off at her place.
On the way to her apartment there is a Dunkin’ Donuts.
In celebration of the day -
we stopped by for our free drinks.

I enjoyed mine at the park.
On nice days – Victoria & I stop at a park on our way to pick Alexandria up from school.
Today was one of those nice days.
If you look closely – you can see Victoria on the swing. ;)

Cheers to FREE COFFEE!

Much loVe to you all & hope that you are all doing well-

PeAce LoVe CoFfee

¡Viva México!

I’m American – born & raised.
And – I proudly honor the flag that I was born under.
But – today I celebrate my Mexican heritage.

2014 Viva Mexico
September 16, 1810
Independence from Spain declared in 1810
Recognized on September 27, 1821

Other countries that celebrate their independence today:
September 16, 1963
Formation of Malaysia from the Federation of Malaya, North Borneo,
Sarawak and Singapore

Papua New Guinea
September 16, 1975
Independence from Australia of the former Territory of Papua
and New Guinea in 1975

Getting to Work

I drove into the wrong parking lot at work.
I left that lot as soon as I realized that it was the wrong one.
As I headed to the correct lot -
it got quite foggy & a wintry rain/snow mixture began to fall.
I stopped in the middle of the road & got out of my car.
And – I hopped onto a flying scooter for the rest of the way.
Meanwhile – my car followed behind slowly.
I got to the lot & parked in my usual number one spot
closest to the building side entrance.
I wondered if my car got lost.
But – I headed into the building anyway.
Because I had to work.

Yep – That just about sums up the weird dream that I had last night.

Ghamra / Moon

Today’s post was inspired by Hadel’s Gradma’ Umra.
May she continue to rest in peace.

08Sept14 Bright Beautiful Moon

A Welcome Back Surprise…

What a surprise to my eyes
& a smile to my heart when I read Kim’s post -

Acknowledging My Blogging Friends.
After not being much on the WP lately -
this was a warm welcome back.
I so feel the love.

Beauty - Flowers - Thoughts


And – if you didn’t already know – Kim will be participating in a Walk with the Lupus Research Institute on October 18th.
She is $10 away from reaching her goal of $150 & $60 away from participating in the ALS ice-bucket challenge.
So – if you have some spare change – please donate & help a cause or two or three while you are at it. ;)

Wishing you all the best today & always
RoSy :D

Time To Catch My Breath

I’ve been really busy lately
& at the same time a bit out of sorts.
I have not forgotten you though.
Hope that you are all doing well & enjoying life.

2014 Wooden Bench

Today was a perfect weather day – 
If I could take this day & box it up
to release in the middle of winter – I would.

RoSy Gone Nuts

It’s been another week of insanity for me.
Lots of running around 
Taking care of before school stuff with the kids 
Juggling appointments
& last minute TO DOs between the girls’, lacrosse & hockey practices
*schedule pick ups
*2 open houses
*dental appointments
*doctor appointments
*fittings for new glasses
*gathering school supplies that weren’t on the original lists

Here is what I look like as of this afternoon.
Hopefully – the extra day off this weekend will help me freshen up a bit.
Because ready or not – it’s back to school for the kids on Tuesday.
And- that’s when a whole new level of insanity begins.
Withered Purple Flowers

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! :)
And – for those of you that celebrate Labor Day on Monday-
enjoy that extra day off if you don’t have a public service job, or work in retail.

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