Slow Drivin’ in the Snow

Hi Peeps!
Hope your new week is off to a great start.
I can write a list of complaints.
But – why should I when I can post photos?

My drive home from work was craptacular!
17Feb14 Hwy Snow

And – my drive to pick the kids up from school was craptastic!
17Feb14 Road Snow

I am so over winter!

❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆

On the bright side -
My boss-lady ok’d leaving the office early. :)
I basically had the road to myself since it was way before rush hour. :)
I made it home, to school to pick the kids up
& back home without incident. :)

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60 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 10:18:28

    I got Miami Beach. Sorry, kid.


  2. The Presents of Presence
    Mar 04, 2014 @ 08:28:26

    Glad you are all safe and sound xoxoxoxo


  3. Sartenada
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 01:58:27

    Awesome winter / snow photos!


  4. Rosalie Squires
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 07:49:22

    Oh wow! we’ve not had snow yet this winter – just floods!


  5. IdealisticRebel
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 14:56:14

    I am glad you made it safely. Take care my friend. Hugs, Barbara


  6. ivonprefontaine
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 20:06:35

    I love the word use of crap. It looked very crappy.


  7. J.D. Gallagher
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 18:46:37

    Awful weather over here too, water though, lots and lots of water after Superstorm Darwin hit us. The whole city is under water. Like you, I cannot wait for Spring and then finally summer.


    • RoSy
      Feb 21, 2014 @ 05:32:47

      Too much water is no fun either. Worse for me as I don’t swim.
      Hope your weather improves soon too.
      Think spring, think spring…


  8. Gabriella
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 14:57:45

    Great photos. This looks very impressive! I am glad you were allowed to drive home early and could make it home safely. I am not surprised you want winter to be over with.


  9. Mélanie
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 14:21:34

    @”I am so over winter!” – I do believe you querida amiga… :) take care, courage & abrazitos…<3 let's go to the beach! :)


  10. Charron's Chatter
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 10:27:04

    Oh! My stress-a-lator is wigging out just looking at those conditions! I don’t know how you do it–I think I would just hibernate for the winter.


  11. LuAnn
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 08:36:46

    I cannot believe the never-ending winter you are having…stay safe RoSy.


  12. Soul Walker
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 21:31:39

    Those pictures look fantastic! … just not for driving.


  13. MichelleMarie
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 11:48:50

    Girl this is so scary. You be safe and stay warm. OH my. I hop you didn’t have to go to work today! :)


    • RoSy
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:54:48

      Hubby says that the ride to work was slow. But – coming back was fine. It was warm & sunny. And – some of the snow melted. Also- the plows were woking all day & through the night. I didn’t go to work. But – that’s because I had a miserable night & was not feeling well. I took myself to the walk-in & got some antibiotics. Turns out I have a sinus infection. :(


  14. Nifti
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 09:21:32

    Oh my… Got stuck in snow like this, and found out I had almost bald tires :(


  15. Pride in Photos Photography
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 07:35:08

    Rosy these roads are terrible. Too awful to be driving on. I bet you are sick of the white stuff…hang on…hopefully not much longer.


  16. readinpleasure
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 06:43:59

    Oh you guys are really having it. And this is so frightening, Rosy. I’m truly glad you made it safe with the kids. :-) Praying for spring soon!


  17. utesmile
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 03:28:20

    That looks so scary, I am so glad you made it home without problems. You should take winter off work really when it is that bad. I do wish for spring to come soon to you , you really deserve rest from this snow! big warming hugs!


    • RoSy
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:46:34

      Thanks Ute! :)
      If I could hibernate – I would.
      Most days when it gets ugly – I do work from home. This day happened to start out like any other day & then the snow started coming in at full force. The High Schools in the area had early release. When I got home from picking up the girls from school – my son was already here. Yesterday & today – much different – sunny & warm in the 40s (F) LOL
      Too bad I’m under the weather. Or- I’d be enjoying it more.


  18. Sharmishtha Basu
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 03:10:43

    it looks like scene from poles! i have seen a thriller movie shot in one of the poles- it truly looks like that movie’s scenes.

    boy! it must be freezing! how can you drag yourself out in that cold? brrrr

    take care my friend. drive carefully, stay safe.

    hope sun shows up and warms you guys up!


    • RoSy
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:42:08

      LOL – It does look kinda’ eerie.
      It’s not easy. But – one must do what one must do.
      Gosh – I really need to find a nicer & warmer place to live. If only it were that easy though. All of my family is nearby & jobs are not easy to come by without having to start from the bottom.


  19. rjmackin
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 03:08:13

    Wow! If we had snow like that in Ireland, the entire country would grind to a halt. Schools would be closed, no-one would even attempt to go to work and driving would be impossible. Hope it clears up over there soon…


    • RoSy
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:39:05

      In some states – where they are not used to this type of weather – it does come to a complete halt when they barely get an inch or two. We laugh about it. But – if they are not prepared or have the tools (salt, sand, plows) – that amt can be dangerous. Ice brings a whole other level into the mix too.
      We did see the sun yesterday & it’s out today too. So – hopefully it’ll all start to melt away soon. I wanna’ see green!


  20. CJ Harman
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 01:50:31

    I like your descriptions! I was getting myself through the snowy days telling myself that “Its almost spring!” this morning I looked out the window to see my “spring” covered in snow – and I gave up. Its winter. Its snow. All there is to it :) Stay safe out there!


  21. David Kanigan
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 21:16:11



  22. anotherday2paradise
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 20:48:29

    Those roads look like quwhite a challenge, RoSy. Glad you made it safely. Spring has to be just around the corner. :? xx


    • RoSy
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 11:39:11

      Definitely a challenge. We saw a touch of almost spring yesterday. And – the sun is out today too. It’s almost here – I know. But – I’m so impatient at this point.


  23. Al
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 20:44:23

    Wow! There’s snow joking about there. I’m glad you got back all white.


  24. silentlyheardonce
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 20:41:48

    Yay for safe traveles. I think this winter will hold me through the summer. :-) This is a beautiful winter for me.


  25. melodylowes
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 20:40:37

    I predict that spring will come. Before summer. Pretty good, eh? ;)


  26. Skye @ TheSanctuaryofMyHeart
    Feb 17, 2014 @ 20:33:18

    Me too, me too…..I am so tired of feeling cold all the time. ((Bring on Spring Hugs))


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