Happy Valentine’s Day 2016


Much love to my awesome WP peeps! 

Rosy & Fenway 👩🏻🐶💚

RIP Dear George

29Apr12 GW

On April 2012 – one day after I my 1st post – someone named George Weaver started following my blog.
Who knew that a simple click – would eventually lead to this person that I have never met outside of the cyber-world to take up a piece of my heart?

Well – I tell you – she did!
I guess when you have a beautiful heart & soul – that just happens.

Yesterday – I found out that George passed away.
The news hadn’t quite computed in my head when tears started to flow.
Then – I think she told me to cut it out. LOL
I will truly miss George.

George's Selfie 24Sep14

Selfie taken by George on September 24, 2012

Please hold George’s family & loved ones left here on earth in your prayers.
Thank you & God bless. 

RoSy xoxo

Ashley 2015

I can’t officially say peAce out to the holiday season without an Ashley post.
With January almost coming to an end – I think I best get to it. Eh? 😉
With that said – I share with you Ashley’s 2015 adventures.
Enjoy! ☺

Click the individual set of photos to better view the images.

Ashley 2015 - 01Ashley 2015 - 02Ashley 2015 - 04Ashley 2015 - 05Ashley 2015 - 06Ashley 2015 - 07Ashley 2015 - 03Ashley 2015 - 08Ashley 2015 - 09Ashley 2015 - 10

PeAce Out 2015 – Hello 2016!

It’s been quite a year.
Yesterday – 31Dec – I turned 5 from 50.
And – I’m thankful for every breath I have taken.

I have not been on the WP as much as I was in the past when I first started. However – I try to post & make my rounds as I get a chance.
This living life – sure takes up a lot of time. 😉

Here’s a glimpse of our December happenings:

Ashley returned. I will work on an Ashley post soon.
The girls are still full-force into hockey & spend a lot of time on the ice.
Two December birthdays in da’ houuuuse – Victoria on the 3rd & me on the 31st!
Gingerbread house – FAIL. Womp, womp, womp.
We have my niece – Lola – as a house guest again for the holidays.
I dressed my Fenway & Lola both up for Christmas.
Don’t they look cute? 🐶💚🐶❤
A picture of me & my Leg Lamp was on tv!!! Autographs anyone? LOL
And – yes – the part of me that refuses to grow up – dressed-up to coordinate with Fenway for Christmas. 🙂IMG_0160

This year I started a new holiday tradition. I called a local homeless shelter – inquired on how many kids they had – & organized for family & friends to donate one book & one toy for each kid. The girls & I adopted 3 kids. Family & friends covered 10 others. I was pleasantly surprised on how it only took a few hours to have all 13 kids adopted by my fellow holiday elves.

Alexandria & Victoria helped wrap & prepare the gifts for the kids. We used comics from the newspaper to wrap the gifts that we bought – or  -that others bought but didn’t wrap. We made that delivery. And – then we stopped by another place that helps & provides support to local homeless people & dropped off some goods. IMG_2336

Last night we ended the year with family, food, fun & games.
We played Pie Face.
I HIGHLY recommend this FUN game.
It’s guaranteed to have you laughing the whole time.

Hubby, me & our 3 kiddos (Photos taken by one of my nephews)IMG_0159

Happy New year from Fenway

Hope that you were treated well by 2015.
I wish you a fun & fantabulous 2016.
Live it up & make every breath count.

PeAce ✌ – LoVe ❤ – HapPiness 🙂 & BlesSings-

What Have I Been Up To?

Hola Peeps!

Hope that you are doing well.

Where have I been & what have I been up to?
It’s all kind of a big blur – if you ask me.
And – that’s without drinking!

Good thing I have some photos to help jog my memory. 😉

2015 Halloween

This year our Halloween theme was DECADES!
And – look who we ran into while out & about…
…The POPE! 🙂

2015 Volunteer - Books

Me volunteering at a local book bank 🙂
I went around taking pictures with my cell-phone.
Then – someone kindly offered to take a pic of me.
This was an event through work.
It was fun. And – it was for a great cause.

2015 Diwali

I went to a Diwali celebration during my lunch break at work.
I should have gone earlier.
All of the food was gone by the time that I got there.
This is an image of my forearm immediately after one of the volunteers created this Mehndi that I selected.
I chose it because it looked like an eye!
The person that made this told me that it was just a design & not an eye.
I went with it anyway.

2015 1st Snowfall

Yep – We got hit by the first snow-fall on November 21st.
It wasn’t too bad.
But – I’m glad that it came through during the weekend.
I didn’t have to worry about driving in it.
A lot of people tend to forget how to drive when it snows.
So – I’d rather stay indoors & avoid the undue stress on the road.

2015 Leg-lamp Selfie

The day before Thanksgiving
This is the day that truly kicks-off the holiday season for me.
It’s Leg-lamp Day!

2015 Thanksgiving Dessert
Thanksgiving Day
We celebrated two Thanksgivings in one day.
I am definitely blessed to have family nearby & food at more than one location.
Here’s a fancy schmancy gelatin that one of my cousin’s took to my parent’s house.
It was as delicious as it looked.
And – no – she didn’t make it.
I asked.
And – she told me that she bought it.

2015 RoSy & Lola

Here I am with my cutie patootie niece – Lola.
I pooch-sat her while my sis & her family were away for two weeks.
Fenway was not too thrilled when she first got here.
But – he got used to having her around by the next day.
As long as she knew that this was his house – it was all good. LOL
I was so tempted to not answer the door for my sister when she came to pick her up today.
But – I did. 

PeACe ✌ LoVe ❤ Blessings 🙏 –

Día de los Muertos (DDLM) – Day of the Dead 2015

My altar in celebration of Día de Los Muertos.
Loved ones – forever in our hearts. ❤

DDLM 2015

In loving memory of – my brother, uncle, aunts, gparents & gparents-in-law

I Know He Will Make You Smile Too – Carl D’Agostino

As we prepare for Halloween in our household – we are also preparing for El Día de los Muertos (DDLM).
The focal-point of my DDLM display is a work of art by Carl D’Agostino from I Know I Made You Smile.
And – when I say work of art – I mean WORK OF ART!
When I first saw La Celebración – I fell in love with the piece.
It not only made me smile – but – it spoke to me.
And – I just had to have it.

La Celebración by Carl D'Agostino
My “La Celebración”
as it proudly sits on the mantle in my home.
It just so happens that there are 5 calacas celebrating
& there are 5 of us.
And – just like in our family – there are two males & 3 females.
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
(Do note that the actual art-work
is much more colorful than how it appears in the photo).


And – here are a few other pieces of DDLM art that Carl has shared through his blog.

If you’d like to have your very own Carl-art to make you smile – you can contact him at dagostino07@gmail.com.

While on the topic of Carl & how talented he is – do you follow him of the WP?
If not – what are you waiting for?
Go check his blog out & follow him.
His blog does just as it says it will do – it will make you smile! 😀

And – if you like what you see – you might want to pick up a copy of his book – I Know I Made You Smile.
We all were filled with smiles as went through the book.
My daughters still keep the book close by – open it – and smile.

A great book for the whole family!
The title is very fitting & most accurate. Carl did make me (us) smile.
As written by my 10 year old daughter: Mr. D’Agostino, I loved your book I Know I Made You Smile. It was funny. And, it did make me smile. My favorite thing in the book was the banana basic slip and fall.
As written by my 11 year old daughter: I thought your book was funny and awesome. I also loved the drawings.

I’m Sexy & I Know It!

27Sep15 Cricket - I'm Sexy and I Know it

Renaissance Faire 2015

Hear ye, hear ye peeps!

Hope you have all had a fabulous summer.
Mine has been pretty busy.
Some good times – some not so good.
But – overall – it’s had more ups than downs & that’s good.

One of the things that Alexandria, Victoria & I did this summer was visit a local Renaissance Faire.
We went on opening weekend – girls got in for FREE.
Kids get in free on opening weekend.
And – we went yesterday.
I only had to pay for one kid’s ticket –
since I had two tickets from Santa that were left to my son in his stocking that he didn’t use.

Here are a few images that I captured from our two visits to the Renaissance Faire.

Ren Faire 01

Ren Faire 02

Ren Faire 03

Ren Faire 04

Ren Faire 05

Silently Heard Once Loud & Clear

Sometimes free time is hard to come by in my world.
But – I do catch a few breaks here & there.
As I wait for the kids between activities – I have opportunities to crack a book open.
And – when this happens – I enjoy being taken to the depths of another world in someone else’s mind.

Recently I ordered the Kindle version of Pages of Pain by Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria.
Here are my thoughts on Pages of Pain as I shared them on the customer reviews.


Pages of Pain is a collection of poetry that expresses emotions & feelings about harsh realities of life – but – leaves you with hope.
Each poem will definitely touch you in one way or another.
Kim has a natural ability to express her thoughts with words that flow beautifully.

And – from the other reviews – it’s not just me saying this.
It really is a well put together book of poems.
Just see for yourself.
Follow Kim at Silently Heard Once – see what I mean & then pick up a copy of Pages of Pain.

And – if you want more – you can always order a copy of Whispers I Silently Heard.
I just got my AUTOGRAPHED book!
Just by looking at how the poems are categorized – I know that I will enjoy reading through this collection of poetry too. Bring on the wait for the kids between activities. I’ve got a book to read!

Whispers I Silently Heard

Photo taken by my lil Toad! 🐸

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