Hugs, Frogs & Toads

I’m starting this post with a long overdue shout- out & thank you to Ute

On a cold December day – in the middle of the freezing temps – the girls ice-hockey schedules & holiday chaos – I received hugs form Ute. They could not have come at a better time. My mind was all over the place & time was not on my side. So much to do – so little time & not enough happy pills. LOL

Thank you dear Ute for making my day & for hugs that I continue to embrace year round. 

And – as promised to Ute on her garden post…
… Here are the frogs & toads that now adorn my yard. Some of them look a bit weathered. But – I think that they are still cute & worth keeping. 

 The first four may look familiar as I’ve shared them before. 



Oh my – I lost an eye! 🐸😱


Still giving free kisses despite having a chipped foot 🐸😘

Always smiling 🐸


Happy Father’s Day 2015

According to the calendar – I’m a day late. But – really – doesn’t a dad celebrate Father’s Day every day? 😉


A Birthday & A Graduation

Hi Peeps –

Hope all is well with you & your loved ones.
I’ve been super-busy with life events.
Just when I think I have a chance to catch my brea…

Anyway – May has come & gone.
In my family – it’s been a month full of celebrations!
And – the month ended with Christopher & Alexandria sharing a special day.
Christopher graduated from HS on the same day that Alexandria turned 12!
Alexandria was such a good sport about it.
Her comment on having to share her birthday with her big brother was:
“That’s ok. I have a birthday every year. He will only graduate from high-school once.”
So proud of my kind-hearted middle child.
I gave her a big ol’ hug & told her that I would keep her. ;)

May 2015 - Graduation

Here is Christopher having his picture taken just after receiving his diploma.
And – of course – there he is – being his usual witty-self – making people laugh.

    May 2015 - Alexandria - Wall - Close-up  Alexandria – The Birthday Girl – One day after her birthday

Happy 4 to Fenway

Happy Birthday to my beloved furry four-legged son –  Fenway

25May15 Fenway's BDay Collage

Fair Lady Tulip

18May15 Red Tulip


Happy Birthday To My Favorite Son

Seems like only yesterday I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into my arms – into my life & into my heart. And – I will never forget the happiness that took over when I heard – “It’s a boy!” The boy that I’ve always wanted – a son – a big brother for any siblings that would follow. Side-note: Being the oldest in a family of five – I always wished that I had an older brother.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful human being that I am proud to call son – my favorite son. ;) <3

12May15 Christopher

To celebrate him in his next phase in life  – I created this fundraiser a couple of months ago.

Feel free to share the link and/or donate if you can.

Every little bit helps.

Christopher’s Universiñera

2015 – Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, 10May15

The day is almost over here. But – I say it’s never to late to celebrate!
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms & mums ;) & to your moms & mums here on Earth or in Heaven.
Blessings to one & all.

Mother's Day 2015 - Flowers

My Third Year Blogiversary

Happy THREE to me on the WP!

WP 3

THANK YOU one & all who stop by to visit my humble home on WordPress.
You all make my day when I see your faces – or the ones that I imagine when your non-face gravatar – show up. :D

In celebration – I invite you to go back in time & visit one or as many of my past posts that you’d like.

You can click on the RoRandomizer  (located on the right-hand side of my blog) & have Fenway (my pooch) take you to a random post.
Or – you can click on one that I’ve selected below.

Some of my posts from my 1st year of blogging:

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Much PeAce ☮, LoVe ♥ , SmiLes :) & BlesSings to you you all-
RoSy :D

Costco Construction

There’s a Costco being built just outside my neighborhood.
Last weekend as the girls & I were heading out to make a Dollar Tree run – we noticed a helicopter nearby.
At first I thought it was heading to the hospital.
Upon closer inspection I realized that it was at the Costco.
So- I made a U-turn & headed back home to fetch my camera.
And – I caught a few shots of men at work.

11Apr15 Construction Signs

11Apr15 Costco Construction 1

11Apr15 Costco Construction 2

11Apr15 Costco Construction 3


RoArt – Spring Flowers

Hi Peeps-

Hope all is well with everyone.
Before I get to my post – I was wondering if any of you that follow Skye at Sanctuary of My Heart or Oh, The Things We Shall See have heard from her recently?
I haven’t seen her post or visit since October.
I know that she was frequently on the WP & when she was going to be away – she’d mention it.
I’ve tried contacting her & no response from her.
I’m just hoping that she & her family are well.


Just over a week ago, Sylvia shared a post that included a painting that she was working on. I commented & mentioned that I had worked on something recently.

So – today I share with you MY SPRING MASTERPIECE!


 As inspired by: Spring Flowers Vases 

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