Allergic to E Challenge

Thank you Dom at Black and Write for choosing me to take part in this challenge.
I had fun doing this.

The rules:
Write a paragraph.
Do not use any words that include the letter “e” in their spelling.
Challenge at least 5 others to do the same.

Dom’s paragraph

My paragraph:
So Dom chall✴ng✴d m✴ to writ✴ a paragraph without using th✴ 5th lett✴r of th✴ alphab✴t.
R✴ally? Who has tim✴ for that?
It sur✴ in th✴ h✴ck ain’t m✴!
And- did h✴ r✴ally think I wasn’t going to b✴ abl✴ to tak✴ on this chall✴ng✴?
W✴ll – sham✴ on him if that’s what h✴ thought! ;)

So Dom & the r✴st of my p✴✴ps – How did I do?

Any one of my peeps who want to take on the challenge – have at it!
If you do not wish to participate – that is perfectly fine.
Have fun with it if you choose to participate in the challenge.

A Hindu Wedding

Hi Peeps!

It’s been a while.
Despite a few bumps on the road – life is good.
It’s been a busy summer. Lots of usual running around with the kids & trying to fill-in non-sports days with fun activities or visiting family.

Before summer started & before school let out – I was invited to a friend & co-worker’s wedding.
It was the first Hindu wedding that I was ever invited to. I went to the wedding ceremony by myself as the girls had a lacrosse tournament that weekend. My co-worker was happy that I went & her friends were more than welcoming. Her maid of honor kept coming by me to explain what was going on. Even she didn’t know what everything meant. So – I didn’t feel so bad. ;)

Before the ceremony began – I asked my friend if it was ok to take pictures during the ceremony & if there were any restrictions. She told me I was free to take pictures & that there were no restrictions. So- I snapped away.

Here are a few pictures that I took. I figure these would be ok to share since they don’t show any faces.
I did end up burning all of the photos on a DVD for my friend. She loved them. And – I’m happy that I was able to capture my point of view of her BIG day to gift to her.

31May15 Wedding -01Before the ceremony

31May15 Wedding -02During & after the ceremony

Holy Stalactites & Stalagmites – Cave Of The Mounds

In early June – just before school let out for the summer –
I took a day off from work to chaperone a 6th grade field trip.
I was one of 3 parents to help out with a group of 24 kids.
After a few hours on the bus – we arrived to Cave of the Mounds.
I had never been to the cave.
So – it was quite an experience for me – just as much as it was for the kids.
Before we got there – my daughter was trying to give me a crash course on caves.
I was all edumacated on the subject by the time that we got there –
that I knew all of the answers to what the tour guide was asking. LOL
(For the record – I did not answer any of the questions. I left that to the kids).

Anywho – Here are a few pictures that I took with my cellphone while in the cave.

June2015 Caves 1 June2015 Caves 2 June2015 Caves 3 June2015 Caves 4 June2015 Caves 5

Wanna’ see more caves?
Please stop by & visit either or both links below.
Caves that LuAnn visited in California, USA
Caves that Lucy visited in Mallorca, Spain

Have you visited any caves & have a blog post about it?
If so – feel free to share a link to your blog post in the comments below.

2015 – Happy Birthday USA!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
To my USA peeps – I wish you & your loved ones a Happy Independence Day weekend. 🇺🇸
Enjoy the celebration & be safe.
And – don’t forget to remember & honor those who have fought for us to be where we are at today.
We still have a lot to work on & improve.
But – we’ve definitely come a long way.
PeAce! ✌

Here are a few pictures that I snapped last week when a neighboring city held its parade.

4th Of July 2015 - 01

4th Of July 2015 - 02

4th Of July 2015 - 03

Fenway wishes you a Happy 4th of July too.

Hugs, Frogs & Toads

I’m starting this post with a long overdue shout- out & thank you to Ute

On a cold December day – in the middle of the freezing temps – the girls ice-hockey schedules & holiday chaos – I received hugs form Ute. They could not have come at a better time. My mind was all over the place & time was not on my side. So much to do – so little time & not enough happy pills. LOL

Thank you dear Ute for making my day & for hugs that I continue to embrace year round. 

And – as promised to Ute on her garden post…
… Here are the frogs & toads that now adorn my yard. Some of them look a bit weathered. But – I think that they are still cute & worth keeping. 

 The first four may look familiar as I’ve shared them before. 



Oh my – I lost an eye! 🐸😱


Still giving free kisses despite having a chipped foot 🐸😘

Always smiling 🐸


Happy Father’s Day 2015

According to the calendar – I’m a day late. But – really – doesn’t a dad celebrate Father’s Day every day? 😉


A Birthday & A Graduation

Hi Peeps –

Hope all is well with you & your loved ones.
I’ve been super-busy with life events.
Just when I think I have a chance to catch my brea…

Anyway – May has come & gone.
In my family – it’s been a month full of celebrations!
And – the month ended with Christopher & Alexandria sharing a special day.
Christopher graduated from HS on the same day that Alexandria turned 12!
Alexandria was such a good sport about it.
Her comment on having to share her birthday with her big brother was:
“That’s ok. I have a birthday every year. He will only graduate from high-school once.”
So proud of my kind-hearted middle child.
I gave her a big ol’ hug & told her that I would keep her. ;)

May 2015 - Graduation

Here is Christopher having his picture taken just after receiving his diploma.
And – of course – there he is – being his usual witty-self – making people laugh.

    May 2015 - Alexandria - Wall - Close-up  Alexandria – The Birthday Girl – One day after her birthday

Happy 4 to Fenway

Happy Birthday to my beloved furry four-legged son –  Fenway

25May15 Fenway's BDay Collage

Fair Lady Tulip

18May15 Red Tulip


Happy Birthday To My Favorite Son

Seems like only yesterday I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into my arms – into my life & into my heart. And – I will never forget the happiness that took over when I heard – “It’s a boy!” The boy that I’ve always wanted – a son – a big brother for any siblings that would follow. Side-note: Being the oldest in a family of five – I always wished that I had an older brother.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful human being that I am proud to call son – my favorite son. ;) <3

12May15 Christopher

To celebrate him in his next phase in life  – I created this fundraiser a couple of months ago.

Feel free to share the link and/or donate if you can.

Every little bit helps.

Christopher’s Universiñera

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