Christopher’s Universiñera

Hi Peeps –
Hope you are all doing well

Winter is winding down – but – not without a fierce fight to stay.
When I left the house this morning it was -2F (-18C).
Mother Nature better realize that spring is only a couple weeks away.
Just sayin’

Hockey season is almost over for Alexandria & Victoria.
And – soon they will be starting lacrosse (lax).
Lax season is not as insane & time consuming as hockey.
So- I hope to be able to post more on the WP soon –
– or – at least make some visits.
I need my WP fix to keep my sanity – you know.

Christopher’s HS years are coming to an end.
Graduation is just just around the corner.
As much as I’m in denial of him being at this stage in life – I must go with the flow & realize that he needs to move on.
He applied to two colleges.
He’s heard from one & waiting on the other.
Either way – he is suppose to hear from the second school sometime this month.
If he hears from them with good news – we will go check them both out & he will make his final decision.
If rejected – we’ll just visit the school that accepted his application.
Seeing that he only applied to two – I’m glad that at least one came through though. :)

To help pay for or pay for his first year of college – I set up an account to raise funds.
If you can donate – that’s great.
No amount is too small. And – every little bit helps.
If you can’t – I totally understand.
But – if you don’t mind – please share the link & help spread the word.

Christopher’s Universiñera

Meanwhile – I just paid off my credit cards & any money that I’ve been paying toward them will now be going toward his education for these next 4 years. Such as life – eh? ;)

PeAce, LoVe, SmiLes & BlesSings-

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Much love to all you wonderful Peeps!


Ohio Buckeye Tree

Hi Peeps -

It’s been a while & will be a while on & off before I’m back on the WP on the regular.
It seems like I’ve been on a non-stop train of happenings.
Some good, some bad – but – mostly good.

The bad is sad & frustrating.
However – I am trying to not stress about what’s out of my control.
It’s not always easy though.

Anywho – I just wanted to stop by & say hi to you wonderful peeps & to say that I miss you all.

Last month we were out of town for a hockey tournament.
Since the arena was not close by to come & go each day –
we stayed at the Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus.

Outside the main entrance was this big old tree.
I’m finally catching a break to share this with you.
Isn’t it beautiful?

18Jan15 Ohio Buckeye Tree

Advice Needed on Domestic Child Abuse Situation

Update: 31Jan15
The child is to stay with the mother.
Long story short – I’m upset with the way CPS operates here.
And – most of all upset that anyone would abuse any child – especially their own flesh & blood.
What an f’d up world we live in with people like this!

Update: 29Jan15
Thank you all for your comments & advice, thoughts & prayers.
The child did find somewhere to stay.
And – so far she is ok.
But – with these types of situations –
it looks like it’s basically day by day until the victim catches a break
or something really bad happens.
We help as much as we can & hope for the best.
Please keep holding her & all who are in this type of situation in your prayers.


After years of mental & physical abuse – a teen found the courage to call the police when her mom beat on her.

CPS wants to place her back with the abusive parent. What’s a kid to do? CPS seems to believe the mom’s sob story & I can’t seem to get far because info is confidential & this child is a minor (age 16).

The mother is out on signature bond. There is no father. I gave the child the phone numbers of the detective on the case & the DA on the case. She left them messages to call her back. I’m hoping they can help her.

Why does CPS want to send the child back home? She’s afraid to go back. She knows what the mother is capable of since having dealt with this for so many years.

Very frustrated!

Location: WI, USA

Happy (Inter)National Hug Day!


In Memory of CJ

I wrote this in memory of a young man who recently passed away.
He was 17. He committed suicide.
My heart aches for his family & friends.
And – my heart aches for the way that he must have felt the moment that he left them all.

In memory of CJ.
In Memory of - Angel

Ashley 2014

Back in 2013 I introduced you to Ashley.
This past Christmas season – Ashley came back to our home.

Sometime last month Jules left me a comment where she mentioned that she saw an article on Elf on the Shelf & thought of me.
With that said – I share with you Ashley’s adventures of 2014.

Enjoy! :D

Click the individual set of photos to better view the images.

 Ashley 2014 1

Ashley 2014 2

Ashley 2014 3

Ashley 2014 4

Ashley 2014 5

Ashley 2014 6

2014 in RoReview

Although I was mostly away for the latter part of the year – looks like I had a great year.
Thank you one & all for your love & support in 2014.
My muse & I thank you.
Without you – things around here simply wouldn’t be the same.

A special SHOUTOUT to my TOP FIVE Commentators :D :D :D :D :D

And – a WOOT WOOT to one of my top referring sites :D

PeAce☮, LoVe♥, HapPiness☺ & BlesSings-
RoSy :)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year – 2015!

I wish you one & all a happy new year filled with all great things that will bring & keep smiles on your beautiful faces.

PeAce, LoVe, HaPpiness & BlesSings-
RoSy :D

Happy 2015 - Fortune

Message from my fortune cookie today

Merry Christmas 2015

My 1000th post is celebrating a big day today.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Feliz Christmas Peeps :)

May the Christmas spirit live within your heats, today, tomorrow, throughout the new year, & always…


Merry Christmas 2015Baby Jesus, Mary, & Joseph as they stand on my mantle

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